mardi 2 mai 2017

Dev log #1: The level design

As we started developping the game, our first steap was to create different versions of the map where the action in Exorcise the Demons will take place.

During the pre-production of the game, we imagined everything would happen in some sinister room, a dark cave, or any kind of creepy place in that genre. 
Even though we favoured at first an "inside place" for the game, our flow of ideas slowly drove us towards the concept of a wide-open space, where we would paradoxally create the impression of being locked up.

Here's a first sneak peek of the game's unfinished map ! (pre-alpha)

Eventually, our various ideas came to reach a common ground about the level ambiance, environment and structure. 
What conforted us in this choice was also that the procedural generation of the level would allow a flexible level design. Procedural generation keeps the experience fresh, without losing the essence of what would give a unique ambiance in our game!