mardi 2 mai 2017

Dev log #1: The level design

As we started developping the game, our first steap was to create different versions of the map where the action in Exorcise the Demons will take place.

During the pre-production of the game, we imagined everything would happen in some sinister room, a dark cave, or any kind of creepy place in that genre. 
Even though we favoured at first an "inside place" for the game, our flow of ideas slowly drove us towards the concept of a wide-open space, where we would paradoxally create the impression of being locked up.

Here's a first sneak peek of the game's unfinished map ! (pre-alpha)

Eventually, our various ideas came to reach a common ground about the level ambiance, environment and structure. 
What conforted us in this choice was also that the procedural generation of the level would allow a flexible level design. Procedural generation keeps the experience fresh, without losing the essence of what would give a unique ambiance in our game!

mardi 18 avril 2017

ETD: Getting started !

Hi ! I wrote these few lines below to give you an insight about the production's beginning:

In mid-february, MG's dev-team finally gathered for the first time to work on it's newest project: Exorcise the Demons. As we settled in Midnight Games' very first office, we arrived, impatient to get started

We started with the pre-production: establishing the caracteristics and the concept of Exorcise the Demons. During two weeks of pre-production, we created the very base of our game. The application of the game ideas from our Game Designer's head, Sophian, led to quickly create this particular ambiance we want to create in the game.

The hard part was to channel our ideas the right way, and avoid losing ourselves in an all-direction stream of ideas.

Eventually, we brought an order and a structure to the game we were about to develop, and from the ideas emitted, the very first - and pretty cool - concept arts of our game showed up, straight out of Violaine's inspiration ! Check our favourite one below:

"This is where it'll all go down!"

Once we made it through the pre-production with the development process scheduled up and sorted, the production of Exorcise the Demons officially started ! 

Onward to live the indie adventure

lundi 10 avril 2017

An introduction to Midnight Games' team!

Welcome to Midnight Games' dev blog ! 👊

This is where we will share the in-depth advancement of our upcoming game Exorcise the Demons. There will also be some trivia about how the team is evolving in the process,
as indie devs as much as human beings! 

The team:

Midnight Games has been founded in 2015 in Paris. After the studio released its first game, Running Gods on Steam, the team expanded with two new members to work on its second game: Exorcise the Demons.

  • Sophian, is Midnight Games' founder. Game designer and programmer by day, Sophian is also a gamer and a metalhead by night. From a passionate gamer to a passionate dev, he wouldn't make a game he wouldn't like to play. Every aspect of our games comes from his mind and inspiration.

  • The beautiful concept arts and screenshots you will see in this blog and everywhere else are a sneak peek of our graphic artist's inspired hand, Violaine. Her role is to design awesome graphics and to create the unique ambiance we hope you will experience in Exorcise the Demons.

  • And the last member of Midnight Games' team who has the privilege to write these articles and communicate with ETD's community is me. I'm Jean-Raphaël, the marketing and communication guy at Midnight Games, and also a gaming enthusiast with an unnecessarily large Steam library!

This blog will be regularly updated by the team, who will often pass by and express themselves :) Don't hesitate to interact with us in the comments section or through the social networks !